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Run python script on clicking html button map output on Html page

Have you created a python script, which needs a user interaction and gives output according to user requests? In the world of programming python is one the easiest and powerful high-level programming language. So, once you are done with writing a python code first issue arises is code portability, means how user will integrate with your code. For user interaction nothing can be better than a simple website hosted online as we can use the power of WWW (World Wide Web) and get users from all over the internet.

So, Let's see a step by step guide to Run a Python script on clicking HTML button:
For using python as a back-end for HTML site, we have two most popular frameworks name Flask & Django. In this post we will implement this task using Django Web Framework.

Are you worried about Django?
So, guys it seems you are new to this Django/Flask and things are looking like implementing rocket science, but that’s not the thing here I am damn sure even if you don’t know D of Django or F flask you will be able to compete this task of running python script on clicking html button.
Let’s have a look on step by step video tutorial:

Transcript/ Cheat sheet:

Views.py =>

from django.shortcuts import render import requests
def button(request):
return render(request,'home.html')
def output(request):
return render(request,'home.html',{'data':data})

Urls.py =>

from django.conf.urls import url from django.contrib import admin
from . import views
urlpatterns = [
url(r'^admin/', admin.site.urls),
url(r'^$', views.button),
url(r'^output', views.output,name="script"),

Templates =>

<!DOCTYPE html>
Python button script
<button onclick="location.href='{% url 'script' %}'">Execute Script</button> <hr>
{% if data %}
{{data | safe}}
{% endif %}

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